V Rome International  2021

6/18/2016 - 6/19/2016



The undersigned, for themselves, their heirs, successors and/or the minor participant for whom they sign do acknowledge, warrant and agree as follows:
  1. Participation in this Tournament is completely voluntary
  2. The Tournament participant has or will have at the time of the Tournament a 2021 valid competitor skiing license issued by any of the national federations member of the International Waterski Federation, that includes insurance covering at least accident and responsibility.
  3. The participant is competent to safely participate in the Tournament. The skier acknowledges and accepts full and sole responsibility and liability for the operation of and any defects and other hazards in skier’s own equipment. The participant and Parent or Guardian, where applicable, warrant and promise that they will assume full responsibility for the conduct and safety of the participant and its own equipment, at all times, whether or not in actual participation and/or at the Tournament site.
  4. The undersigned acknowledges and assume the risk of serious injury and/or loss of life from participation in the Tournament and, in connection therewith promise, agree and warrants to release, hold harmless, protect, indemnify and forever discharge the sponsors and organizers of the Tournament, its officials, members and co-participants in the Tournament, the land or site owner, lessor, lessee, public or governmental agency having jurisdiction thereof, and/or the site operator, and any agency that may be assigned to cover the Tournament, their agents, servants, employees and all persons connected with the Tournament, from any and all rights, claims and demands of any nature for any and all loss, damage or injury sustained by the participant or his or her equipment at any time during the Tournament or before or after the Tournament but in connection with it; and further promise and agree never to institute any claim, suit or action at law against any such organization or individual described herein above.
  5. The undersigned grants to the Tournament organizers the right to make and use any photographs, television or motion pictures taken during the Tournament, and agree that the organizers have the right to control or prohibit advertising material used, worn or displayed by a participant at the site during the Tournament.
  6. The Tournament organizers and director reserve the right to disqualify the participant and/or at their sole and unqualified discretion, to refuse to allow the participant to participate in the Tournament for any reason they deem just and proper, loosing the participant the right to the return of the entry fee in such Tournament.
  7. The undersigned declares in Entry Form that he accepts all the conditions required by the organization under penalty of exclusion.
I have read all of the above. I understand it and agree to all terms and conditions and affirm all promises, representations and warranties made by me as a condition and consideration for the privilege of participation in the Tournament. I agree to be fully responsible for my conduct at the Tournament and/or for the conduct of the minor on whose behalf I sign.




1) Select the Event you are interested in, for this Tournament; for multiple selection, use SHIFT then clic on each event
2) then fill your Best result



>>One event<<
€ 120 Young athletes up to and including Under 17;
€ 130 all other athletes
>>Two or three events<<
€ 150 Under 14
€ 150 all other athletes

Entry Fee must be paid by Bank transfer. • No entry will be firm until payment has been received and it’s confirmed by organization.
Filling this form you are accepting rules, as you sign it.


If you made cumulative bank transfer (i.e. two athletes), please write in the amount filed the fee for each skier, and in the message the total amount of bank transfer and names of skiers.